Brushes are integral to achieving that flawless, airbrushed lash look that will help you face your day with confidence. Selecting the suitable types of brushes is a daunting challenge, more so, knowing how to use brushes on your lashes allows for the precision and control you need to achieve a diverse range of looks.


Eyelash brushes are vital in the maintenance of your extensions. If you brush your lashes daily, it will help keep your lashes and extensions from becoming tangled, bent or unkempt. So whether it is disposable or reusable, blending, bronzing, brow, eyeshadow brushes, mascara brush, or foundation brush, Luxury Lash has the right brush for you. Browse our superb selection of high-quality brushes, mascara wand, spooly, natural lashes and make-up brush set for your everyday beauty routines, helping you achieve real techniques in no time!