Upon administering a gorgeous new set of lashes to your client, you will have to remove the remnants of any old work from their eye area for the best results.  


As opposed to gel removers or simple hot water and cotton ball methods, Cream removers for eyelash extensions are favoured amongst professional lash techs as they are quick and easy to use and gentle to sensitive eyes that are gentle are enduring the strain of a permanent complete set. Additionally, the consistency of the cream formula prevents any product from leaking into your client’s eyes!


Use a brush from the Luxury Lash collection or a similarly appropriate application tool to apply the creamy solution to your client’s lash line for the best results. Allow the cream to work upon the eyes to remove lash extensions for between 5-10 minutes; upon completion, the old individual lash glue will dissolve, enabling you to peel away with the use of tweezers easily. If necessary, to remove any stubborn remaining extensions, repeat this process. 


The use of professional cream eyelash removal solutions ensures you have a fresh base to apply a new set to - shop the following Luxury Lash eyelash extension remover products below!