Beginners - Choose are amazing beginners flat classics kit

Learning Volume - Choose our Easy Fan kit or our Russian Volume kit depending how advanced at lashing you are.

Promade Kit- Love our Promades or want them as a back up, also beginners using classics can use these too!


Eyelash extensions instantly and dramatically enhance your eyes. Having a professional lash tech create the perfect fitting, high quality lashes will make your eyes appear bigger, brighter,  more youthful and the lashes will also bring out the colour of your eyes! 


The eyelash extensions kits available from Luxury Lash look notably more natural than alternative lash extension kits - this is owed to our weightless lash composition - your clients will most likely forget that they are wearing them! Additionally, using lash kits enable your clients to ditch mascaras from their daily makeup routine.


Choosing the best professional lash extension kits can be tricky!
There are so many options out there, but at Luxury Lash, we make the process easy for you. 

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