We have sold Flat Classics now for around 2 years, they are super easy to apply, have better retention due to there flat volume against the natural lash, they also create a much fuller darker classics set.

Use with our Volume Lashes to create Hybrid and Wispy Sets.

Luxury Lash is an industry-leading supplier to professional lash technicians and beauticians alike. Luxury Lash is proud to stock an extensive range of eyelash trays - rich in the various easy fan lash lengths required to create the perfect full set of eyelash extensions! 


From flat classic styles and traditional lash tray styles to incredible adhesives and ideally suited lash application tools, we have it all at Luxury Lash! Through utilising a range of lengths, curls and styles, we have all that is required to create a bespoke and beautiful full set of lashes for your gorgeous clientele! Combining a client’s natural lashes with high quality mixed lengths of individual lashes, a lash artist will be able to use volume techniques to give the illusion of lash strip through the handmade volume of lash extensions. Shop our range of lash trays and lashing products today!