Eyelash technicians globally have been raving about the revolutionary product that assists them in applying for false eyelash extensions; glue rings. Disposable glue rings make applying false lash individuals a simple process! They are a versatile product typically worn on the finger of the less dominant hand, making eyelash glue application much quicker and more efficient. Such a product is ideal for helping technicians focus on using glue to the lash line to create the perfect lash extensions for your client’s eye shape. 

Luxury Lashes ‘Love to Lash’ Heart Glue Rings is the ideal solution for any artist looking to create natural lashes or dramatic volume lashes. After dispensing a drop of your desired product into the concave plastic well, this causes more adhesive to get onto your lash extension when dipping; making a client’s false eyelash application process much quicker - something favourable to both lash tech and their client.