We created our range of 6 amazing Glues to increase your lash retention to the maximum.
From Dream expertly created for beginners, to Diamond a clear Glue perfect for sensitive clients and Coloured Lashes, to our incredible best selling Banana Megabond with over 10k bottles sold worldwide.

Our super fast Lightning, Elite for the more expert Lash artists we really have something for everyone at each stage.

We also offer the most fantastic  pre- and post treatment for lashes, check out our retention packs to save more money!

Extraordinary things can be achieved with the help of a full set of eyelash extensions. From Russian Volume to Hybrids or a Classic lashes, working with your client to choose the perfect false lash set is a difficult enough task in itself; then you are faced with the necessary challenge of their extensions staying fixated for the expected 3-4 weeks. Having the Lash Adhesive of optimum strength is absolutely vital when providing a Lashing service. Ideal adhesive candidates for this undesirable and sometimes challenging task would be quick-drying and colourless formulas that are long-lasting to ensure your client’s eyelash extensions stay in place.