Dramatic Bright Colourful  eyelash extensions are universally renowned for enhancing the appearance of our eyes and complimenting our glamorous makeup looks gorgeously. With the endless fun of festivals and celebrations alike, where better to debut your gloriously COLOURED lashes! 

Absolutely on trend at the minute, why not add a pop of Colour into the side of your sets, we stock Bright Colours, Ombre Colours, UV Coloured and our brand new NEON Ombres. We are adding more and More Colour Lash by the week.


The individual rainbow eyelashes available from Luxury Lash are an incredible addition to have in your kit as a professional lash technician. These colourful and expressive individual lashes are available in an array of lengths and styles - ideal for building bespoke sets for your clients. Luxury Lash is proud to stock an extensive collection of individual eyelashes, eyelash adhesives and lashes application tools alike. Shop our full range of lightweight lashes today!

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