As every good artist knows, canvases require careful attention and treatment before being painted with oils - products to protect the fabric from cracking and provide a beautiful even surface ready for colour. Masterpieces that haven’t been through this preparation process inevitably do not last as long.


 This theory is identical to the eyelash extension masterpieces pioneered today. Eyelash primer should be applied prior to beginning the lash extension process. Using eyelash primer ensures the coating of even the tiniest lashes with Keratin, which helps to create a bold, full look once individual eyelashes have been applied. The lash primer additionally prevents the hairs from clumping together; ultimately lengthening them and helping to build a more desirable look for your full set. 


Luxury Lash are proud to stock an extensive range or primers and similar products which can assist in the preparation of a clients lashes before their treatment.