Superbonder Eyelash Sealant is a groundbreaking product that you can use with ANY glue to maximise your retention of the eyelash extension glues and keep your clients happy with lashes that last longer. Superbonder eyelash glue Sealant adds elasticity to the adhesive bond. This additional flexibility in lash retention ensures the bonds don’t break as easily, particularly in the curing process, resulting in better retention.

Super eyelash bonder is designed to push humidity out of the lash adhesive surface of the lash glue. When applied to glue bonding points, it strengthens the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash, making retention up to 30% longer! Be sure to browse Luxury Lash’ extensive range of eyelash extension bonders and partnered equipment for a chance to have the reputation as the best lash tech in town.